Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sites for hosting video

Here is a New York Times article on low-cost video. It lists several sites where videos may be hosted:

  • BLIP.TV Service for users who want to integrate video clips into their blogs.
  • CLIPSHACK Basic, simple user interface. Limit of 50 megabytes of storage.
  • GOOGLE VIDEO Accepts clips of unlimited length and makes them searchable.
  • OURMEDIA.ORG Stores videos in the Internet Archive, which is intended to be a permanent online trove.
  • PHANFARE $6.95 monthly fee covers unlimited video posting, but individual videos may not exceed 10 megabytes.
  • VIMEO Circles of friends and family members can easily keep up with and comment on one another's clips.
  • YOUTUBE Site keeps track of most-viewed, most-discussed and best-rated videos; organizes similar clips into "channels," like sports or humor.

The video team should check this out.


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  2. Those sound like a lot of cool sites and I will check them all out. Have you been to the site: ? I like that one and I hope that my team likes it also.

    More later.