Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wikipedia evaluation

We recently created an online survey on the accuracy and completeness of Wikipedia articles.

So far, 50 respondents have evaluated a Wikipedia article in an area of their expertise. Of those, 76% agreed or strongly agreed that the article was accurate and 46% agreed or strongly agreed that it was complete.

Of the 50, 18 compared the article they reviewed to the article on the same topic in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Thirty four percent of those people found the Britannica more or substantially more accurate and 39% found the Britannica article to be more or substantially more complete.

Please complete the survey yourself (for as many articles as you wish) and forward the link to others.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

VOIP in the WAN

We saw that VOIP has grown rapidly within organization LANs. It is also making inroads in the WAN. This has led Verizon to cut VOIP prices in response to diminishing profits, caused in part by competition from VOIP service providers like Vonage.

Market research firm TeleGeography reports that 5.4 million U.S. households now subscribe to a VOIP service. This is up from 2.7 million one year ago. More worrisome to Verizon -- 2.8 million households have cancelled their local phone lines and are using cable-based VOIP. TeleGeography projects that by year-end 2010, VOIP will have attracted over 21 million subscribers--nearly one in five of all U.S. households.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


We have been talking about VOIP and using Skype. Skype just announced the ability to do "skypecasts," conference calls with up to 100 participants. Try that with your Verizon phone service.