Friday, September 14, 2007

Fully networked (program and data) applications

Some networked applications use the Internet for communication and data storage. Others go further and use network-based programs accessed through a Web browser. Hotmail and other Web-based email applications were among the first of these fully-networked applications. There are now hundreds, perhaps thousands of them.

This database of fully-networked applications gives a brief description and has reviews of each. New entries are probably added (and others removed as companies fail) daily.

If you find the full list overwhelming, check out the list of applications used by Ismael ChangGhalimi who maintains the full database. Ghalimi is a true aficionado who has only one application -- a Web browser -- installed on his laptop.

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  1. I believe the software as a service model is viable for the home pc user as well as small or home based businesses. Thin clients are available for as little as $200. Subscribing to one site that provides all your desktop needs plus backup and security relieves the user of being a system manager. Turns the cost into an expense instead of a depreciating fixed asset. Makes all your applications available from any pc. I believe Microsoft is missing a great opportunity by not providing a follow-on product for WebTV users, although they do not seem averse to having a business partner do it for them.

    Susan Kelley