Sunday, January 27, 2008

WiMax deployment begins

We have seen that DSL and Cable are the two most common technologies for home connectivity, but there are alternatives. WiMax wireless is beginning to roll out.

TDS Telecom has just announced the availability of fixed WiMax service to 55,000 households and 10,000 businesses in Madison Wisconsin. Residential service is $45/month for 2 Mbps, $50 for 4 Mbps, and $55 for 6 Mbps.

Note that this is connectivity to a fixed location, an alternative to DSL or cable. Mobile WiMax, which will compete with cellular service, has not yet been deployed.

TDS also offers DSL connectivity in Madison. The rates are $30 for 768 Kbps, $40 for 1.5 Mbps, and $50 for 4 Mbps. At these rates, which would you prefer? Are both available throughout the Madison area?

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