Monday, August 25, 2008

Consumer electronic devices on your home LAN

We talk about home LANs and their eventual convergence with consumer electronics like TV sets and audio equipment.

This New York Times article surveys some of the Internet-ready consumer electronic devices that were shown at a recent German trade show.

Do you have a home LAN? If so, is your TV, sound system or any other consumer electronic device connected to your LAN?


  1. I have a home LAN. I currently have my desktop computer and my printer on cable, and my portable and my wife's via wireless.

    My desktop computer acts as my jukebox, but I have not done any of the schmantzy streaming audio or remote control of the desktop via the laptops or any of that shenanigans.

    I don't currently run mediaPC or an open source alternative, as I have a DirecTV DVR. I've avoided going full monty on the digital entertainment simply for DMCA/DRM reasons; I don't want to buy a HDMI capable capture card for my PC and then be unable to use it effectively.

    The home LAN is currently stifled by commercial interests. The content providers don't want the content consumers to be able to easily make copies. I'm too busy to circumvent all that garbage, and I'm not going to rely to heavily on any one vendor until I have the ability to port it from one medium to another myself.

    I expect this puts a 5-10 year wait time on me diving the rest of the way into the digital entertainment age. Oh well.

  2. > I expect this puts a 5-10 year wait time on me diving the rest of the way into the digital entertainment age. Oh well.

    I agree that business interests will slow it down, but things eventually change -- the music industry has begun to open up.

  3. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I have Cable in my home. To this LAN line I have one desktop connected to it via wired line. I also have a wireless router connected to it. From the wireless router I have four computers hooked up to the same network. Along with this LAN line I have a Print Server attached to it too. So if I am in my living room or any other room where the printer isn’t, I can print from that location to the one printer located nest to the wireless router. This is so convenient; no wires. I have a Slingbox hooked up to the router and I can broadcast my cable TV to any computer in the world or portable device that supports Windows application; via a LAN line. I love this networking stuff. Makes life so much better.