Thursday, November 19, 2009

An example of bad image processing on the Web

We discuss the importance of processing, resizing and compressing an image before uploading it to a Web site.

This image, found on the WiFi Alliance Web site, provides an excellent example of what not to do:

As we see in the property sheet, the image is 980 by 664 pixels and the file size is 1.28 megabytes:

Resizing and compressing the image before putting it on the Web site would have reduced it to about 5
kilobytes -- 1/250th the size of the original -- with no noticeable loss of quality. (Quality is not even important in this case since the image is just a button linked to a video).

Furthermore, the image is resized to 177 by 99 pixels, which distorts it by changing its aspect ratio. (It appears that the image was also distorted when it was captured).

We can learn from our and other's mistakes -- can you find other poorly processed images on the Web?

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