Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Swedish report calls for openness and competition at all network levels

The Swedish Telecoms Regulator has issued a 150 page report (in Swedish) on open networks and services with a two page abstract in English.

The report focuses on the importance of open, competitive markets and networks at five levels:

  1. Natural resources (use of and access to land, ducts and spectrum)
  2. Infrastructure (passive cables and masts)
  3. Transmission (equipment for transportation of bit-streams)
  4. IP/Internet (equipment for traffic direction and IP addressing)
  5. Content and services (content, services and end user equipment)

This multi-level approach sounds like that presented by Brough Turner, and it has worked well in Stockholm and throughout Sweden, as shown by their high rank on Internet-related indices:

Broadband Performance IndexEuropean Community Commission1
E-readiness rankingsEconomist Intelligence Unit2
Networked Readiness IndexWorld Economic Forum2
Broadband Quality ScoreSaid Business School4

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