Monday, October 24, 2011

Draft of IT literacy paper

I just posted the draft of a paper called IT literacy – evolution, curriculum and a modular e-text.

In the paper, I review the evolution of the IT literacy course from the 1960s to today, then describe my Internet-era curriculum and the modular e-text (currently 104 modules) I am developing to teach it.

1 comment:

  1. The draft is looking great professor. I enjoyed reading the "IT Litercy Courseware" section. Having audio, visual, and text in your powerpoint will make the modular e text have a higher chance of success becuse it will attract a lot of visual and auditory leaners.

    I am a CIS major myslef so I don't mind having more IT literacy course in the general education curriculm. The people I do see having a problem with it will be the non-CIS major. With smaller classes and tution prices rising and rising, the last think non-CIS major would want is more classes that are not related to their field.