Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Google's storage pricing model combines the self-serving features of cell phone and ISP pricing

Here is Google's report of my storage utilization. It says I've not used any of my Picasa storage, but when I go to Picasaweb, I am told that I've used 84% of my one gigabyte. (I like the first result best, but I really have used most of my allocated gigabyte).

But, that reporting discrepancy is a minor bug. A more fundamental problem is that Google differentiates between my storing images and video (Picasa), email messages with attachments (Gmail) and arbitrary files (Google Drive).

That makes as much sense to me as differentiating between voice bits, data bits and text message bits on your cell phone bill. It's all bits.

(I am waiting for the water company to begin charging me different rates for my drinking, showering and car-washing water).

But, wait, there's more. Checking Google's storage pricing policy, we learn that pictures and videos you upload from Google Plus do not count against your Picasa limit and Google docs do not count against your Google Drive limit. Etc. (I said "etc.," because I got tired of reading the fine print).

That reminds me of Comcast not counting their own video material against download caps.

Google -- this seems a bit evil -- please unify your storage policy.

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