Friday, August 17, 2012

The structure of Google's Internet search MOOC

Google has posted the content of their Internet search MOOC. It consists of six 50-minute classes, and I went through the first one, to see how Google is approaching MOOCs.

The class consisted of an introductory video followed by five lessons with activities for each lesson.

Four of the lessons were videos showing screenshots and screencasts with a talking head in a small window, as shown below. The fifth lesson was a professionally produced video on how search engines work.

Each activity started with a boxed text summary of the points made in the associated lesson, as shown here.

The summary was followed by three or four activities. There were three types of activity:
  • Multiple choice/true false questions, followed by the answers
  • An admonition to think about something or answer an open ended question before proceeding (for example "What is something you have wanted to find that color filtering might have helped you locate faster? Reflect on this before proceeding to the next lesson.")
  • An open ended question, followed by the response of an "expert" to the same question

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