Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two MOOC case studies and some completion rate data

Here are links to case-study descriptions of two MOOCs. They are both informative, interesting descriptions of the projects, students and outcomes. For example, one thing that caught my eye was the fact that a significant number of participants in both classes were motivated by personal curiosity. (You will have to read them to see what catches your eye :-).

1. Functional Programming Principles in Scala: Impressions and Statistics

2. Bioelectricity: A Quantitative Approach Duke University’s First MOOC

IEEE Spectrum Podcast interview of Professor Roger Barr, who taught the Bioelectricity course (13m 42s).

3. Katy Jordan has compiled MOOC completion rate and assessment type data and displayed it in an interactive graph. (Be sure to visit the interactive graph -- you can filter it in several ways).


Update 3/31
Jordan looked at 26 MOOCs, and using her data, I put together this completion rate table:

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