Monday, July 29, 2013

The largest data center in Los Angeles sells for $437.5 million or $660 per square foot

From the outside, One Wilshire looks like an ordinary office building.  About a third of the building is occupied by offices, but the rest is an Internet exchange point and data center -- full of routers and servers belonging to about 300 voice and data service providers. It is the key US hub for connection to Asian undersea cables. That makes it some of the most expensive real estate in the world,  It just sold for $437.5 million.

Conduits rising from the pavement give a clue that this is not an ordinary office building.

LA Times photo

Moving inside, we see the "meet me room," where networks exchange data. This is one of twelve images in an exhibit by the Center for Land Use Interpretation.

If you like lurking inside large data centers, check this photo tour of a Google data center.  Here s a sample image:

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