Monday, June 02, 2014

The best video ever on network neutrality and the state of the Internet in the US

As long as analysts, geeks and lobbyists are the only folks who care about Internet infrastructure and policy, we can be pretty sure that nothing will improve, but what if the general public becomes interested?

Last night I watched episode five of the HBO comedy news cast "Last Week Tonight" in which host John Oliver narrated a 13 minute segment on network neutrality and the sorry state of the Internet in the United States.

I may be a biased geek and disgruntled consumer, but the segment was right on and, more important, extremely funny.

Is the Internet finally becoming a politically important issue? (Be sure to listen to the audience reaction at the end of the clip before you answer).

Update 6/26/2014

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler responded to the video and Oliver followed up with another very funny segment.

Update 6/28/2014

Terry Gross interviewed John Oliver about his new HBO show -- the first 7 minutes are devoted to Oliver's Internet piece -- funny and informative.

Consumer groups and big corporations like Google and Facebook agreeing on net neutrality is like Lex Luther agreeing with Superman.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts explained that there is no competition between Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

Picking Tom Wheeler to head the FCC is like hiring a dingo as your baby sitter.

President Obama golfing with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

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