Monday, July 30, 2007

The Chiniese Internet and the dictator's dilemma

We have discussed the "dictator's dilemma" -- the desire to have the benefits of the Internet without the threat of political instability. How do you give people access to information for health care, education, science, entertainment, commerce, etc. while blocking political and culturally sensitive information? In this interview excerpt, former NPR China Correspondent Rob Gifford describes the Chinese Internet. Gifford feels the people who are economically well enough off to use the Internet are unlikely to use it against the regime.

This excerpt was taken from an Moira Gunn's interview of Gifford.

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  1. If the government of china is indeed interested in the welfare of its citizens regarding health care, education etc. while blocking political sensitive information then why doesn’t the government mandate the use of Censorware. Of course, this would filter incoming information or outgoing information relating to political adversary. When purchasing personal computers the Censorware would be burn into the computer chip therefore it avoids adulterating the software.