Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Micropayment for storage service

I just received a bill for the very small amount of storage I had used on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) during the month of July. The charge for my storage and data transfer was 4 cents!

We have talked about micropayments for years, but, until now, I had never made one.

This is a terrific example of Web services. S3 is the base service -- offering reliable, infinitely scalable storage in Amazon's data centers. But, I do not deal directly with Amazon. Jungledisk has virtual disk software that makes my S3 store look like a standard disk drive on my computer. They insulate me from S3, pay Amazon, and bill me. My payment is automatic through another service, Paypal.


  1. $0.04 for a maintained server and unlimited storage. This sounds like a great deal to me !!

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  3. Omar -- the charge was small because I used very little space on the S3 server. (See the bill). If I had used more, the charge would have been greater, but it still would have been quite cheap, and, as you say, maintained and of unlimited capacity.

  4. Are you still using Jungle Disk, and if so, what has been your experience?

  5. Yes, I am still using it, though not a lot. It seems to work fine, it has never crashed as far as I know, and the bills are minuscule, though I don't have much out there. If I did not have servers at school, I would use it a lot more.

    They now charge $20 for the client, but you can use it on all the machines you want to.