Tuesday, March 03, 2009

AT&T mobile Internet access -- $480 per gigabyte when over the cap

We have seen that the price of sending a cell phone text message far exceeds the cost. What about mobile data plans?

An Oklahoma City woman is suing AT&T because her first month phone bill was over $5,000.00. She had subscribed to a $60 per month AT&T data plan that was capped at 5 gigabytes. She exceeded the cap the first month, and felt she had been deceived when the bill arrived.

The AT&T plan states that if one exceeds the 5 gigabyte cap, they are charged "$.00048 per kilobyte."

Would she have exceeded the cap if the price had been quoted as "$480 per gigabyte" or, better yet, "$350 to download a CD" or "$2,500 to download a DVD?"

Why does AT&T charge $12 for each of the first five gigabytes and $480 for the sixth? Do you think she should have to pay the bill?

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  1. Rydell Oriel & Raquel Seals4:39 PM

    The AT&T user should have to pay the bill because she used their services. If she was going to use the phone for data in large amounts as she did, she should have invested in the unlimited plan. Sure, the AT&T representative could have also asked about her data uses, but whether a customer believes the cap for data is fair or not, the customer agreed to those terms when they signed the contract. Sure AT&T puts out their terms with small/fine print, but like any contract, everything should and must be laid out in front before going into any kind of agreement, especially a two year agreement. This will avoid any mishaps or problems during the duration of the contract. She will most likely not win in the case because she signed the contract with the terms that she was charged for.