Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good support from Zoho

My last post was about a bad customer service experience with my ISP, Verizon. This is a story of good support by the folks who run the Zoho Creator database service.
I wanted to add two capabilities to a database I had created using their service, but could not see how to do either. I posted queries at their technical support site, and had answers to both within a couple of hours.
The answers came from Zoho employees, not contractors, and both were perfectly responsive.
One of my problems was solved with a somewhat obscure workaround and the other could not be solved at present. They said they were planning to add a feature to take care of the second problem, and I suggested a user interface change to make the first clear.
It felt like a conversation with a knowledgeable employee of a responsive company.
Have you had some good experiences with customer service or support at some Web sites?

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