Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google Play Store for Education and the new 3Rs

Google announced Google Play for Education at Google I/O yesterday.

The store will be geared toward K-12 schools and organized by subject and grade, as shown here.

The apps will be focused on the Common Core State Standards which spell out the language and math skills and concepts students are expected to learn for success in college and careers.

The subject-grade organziation and focus on The Common Core, will make discovery of good apps relatively efficient.

The store will not be online till next fall, but they are encouraging developers to build apps now.  I'd be surprised if folks like The Khan Academy and MathisPower4U were not far down this path already. If they and independent developers and creative teachers begin building apps, we may see a loosening of the textbook publisher's grip. (Apple can't be too happy about this announcement either).

This is a K-12 Play store, but it sounds like it could be used as remedial source for today's university students -- you would be astounded by the math and language skills of many of today's undergraduates.

Some may chafe at the standardization and focus of Google Play for Education, but it only addresses a portion of the school day and the material is essential -- the 3Rs of our time.

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