Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Samsung says they've made a wireless breakthrough

Samsung says they are running high-frequency wireless connections at 1 gbps and suggests that this technology could form the basis of commercial 5G networks by 2020.  That sounds good, but on second thought it raises a lot of questions, like:
  • How is power consumption?
  • What about our lame data caps? Will you hit your cap in the first hour of the month?
  • What about backhaul from those gigabit towers?
  • Don't high frequency signals attenuate rapidly as one moves away from the antenna? How many base stations will have to be added?
  • Aren't high frequency signals more readily absorbed by obstructions?
  • If implemented, how well would this technology compete with WiFi, especially if Google or others were to deploy it widely?
Can you think of other "how-abouts?"

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