Thursday, May 08, 2014

ISPs have the lowest American Customer Satisfaction Index.

The ISP industry ranks 48th out of 48 industries on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Subscription TV is 47th.

Individual companies are also rated. Large companies are rated separately and smaller ISPs are lumped into "all other." Here are the ISP customer satisfaction indices:

Verizon Communications (FiOS) 71
Cox Communications 71
AT&T (U-verse) 68
Charter Communications 65
CenturyLink 65
Time Warner Cable 63
Comcast 62
All others 71

I am happy to see that my ISP, Time Warner Cable, which I have commented upon in previous posts, is not the lowest rated company in this dismal industry -- that honor belongs to their hopeful merger buddy, Comcast.

Update 5/19/2014

The latest quarterly survey results are out and Internet service providers are now the lowest ranked industry and merger buddies Time Warner Cable and Comcast are now the two lowest ranked companies of all industries. The inverse correlation between size and customer satisfaction still holds for the ISP industry, so I am confident that if Comcast acquires TWC, they will continue to set dissatisfaction records for years to come.

Update 6/11/2014

I just got a copy of the latest ACSI company ratings from the University of Michigan. Comcast is no longer the second lowest rated company in the survey -- that honor now belongs to Time Warner Cable (TV). My ISP, Time Warner Cable (ISP), retained its position as the lowest ranked company -- 230th out of 230 companies.

The ISP industry remains at the bottom of the list, with subscription television services next to last

The American public is fed up with the cable TV and Internet service companies (and we are ridiculing them) -- let's hope that translates into political pressure.

Update 6/23/2016

Time Warner Cable and Charter Communication recently merged. Now a US Senate report concludes that they routinely overcharged customers and failed to issue refunds.

ISPs are aggressively pursuing their goal of remaining the industry with the lowest customer satisfaction index and worst customer service in the US.

The Senate subcommittee’s report also said that consumers are frustrated by the ongoing rise of the cost for cable and satellite TV, with some packages increasing up to 33% since 2011 A copy of the report is available here.

Don't you love monopolies?

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