Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Soundsnap -- free sound effects and loops

I've added a link to Soundsnap.com to our class notes on audio processing. Soundsnap, a growing library of free, user-contributed sound effects and loops, was established by 25 year old Tasos Frantzolas, a Greek sound designer.

Go to Soundsnap for the barking dog, meowing cat or explosion you need for your podcast, and, while you are at it, how about contributing a sound effect of your own to the collection?


  1. Thanks professor, my friend is a movie editor and a lot of times he is short for sounds. This would be a cool way to find the sound and add it to the scene needed. Very very cool

  2. He may also have his own sound effects -- hopefully he will contribute some of the good ones to Soundsnap.

    If people both use and contribute to a service like Soundsnap, it will become a valuable, freely shared asset. It will be a part of the contributed economy. (See this class note).

  3. Thought I'd share that Sounddogs.com ( http://www.sounddogs.com/) has also been an excellent resource for me.