Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Anyone might be a reporter with Twitter

We have seen that portable Internet access devices capable of streaming live video are becoming available. Video cameras are not yet ubiqutous, but portable devices capable of micro-blogging with Twitter are now quite common.

Here is a sad example of the use of Twitter during the terrorist attack in Mumbai.

What would be the implications for news reporting, police work and security if most people carried location-aware, mobile Internet access devices capable of Twittering, uploading pictures and streaming video?

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  1. Tim Mullaney1:59 PM

    Twitter is becoming more and more popular giving people the power to report on things as they are happening. This is good and bad. The good part is the information is fresh, but people still need to question how accurate the information is. People need to always consider the source and if possible validate the information with other micro blogs, or media outlets. The bad side of twittering is there is a lot of non useful information that you need to sift through to get to anything meaningful.