Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sixty Minute interviews of Bill Gates on the early days, philanthropy and Steve Jobs

If you missed Bill Gates' appearance on Sixty Minutes last Sunday, you should check it out.


Gates talks about his goals of eradicating diseases like malaria and tuberculosis and improving health and standard of living in the poorest developing nations.

While he was at Microsoft, Gates quipped that he spent his mornings trying to make money and his afternoons giving it away. He is now a full time philanthropist, looking for appropriate technology and choosing and managing philanthropic projects as a hard-nosed business man.

You also get a look at Gates as a person -- he reads and watches videos of college lectures voraciously. He also became emotional when talking about his relationship with Steve Jobs and his last visit near the end of Jobs' life.

In a separate video, Gates also talks about the school where he learned to program

These are worth watching.


Update 5/18/2013

Bill gives away a lot of money, but there is more where that came from -- he has regained his spot as the richest person in the world.

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